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When all you search for is negativity in everything, then that’s all you will see in every aspect of your life.

El socialismo del Siglo 21 es a base de principios, no de modelos.
Pres. Rafael Correa (via nosferican)


Rafael Correa: “Si nosotros hubiésemos hecho una centésima parte de lo que hicieron a Assange, nos habrían llamado dictadores y opresores.”


 Everything Love

know them ones 

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Reblog if you think its ok Not to have a religion


I’m doing a little experiment.

I’m going to see how many people agree with me that beliefs are YOUR choice and you CANNOT control them.

And if this gets enough notes, I’m going to show this to my Muslim family.

Three seconds.
It doesn’t take much for one little reblog.

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Why Bother?


Stop devaluing the intelligence of people based off of how well they speak English.

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